Committee 2018

Below is a list of the main committee members that you will see at events or shows. Feel free to come up and speak to any of them. They don’t bite!

Chairman, Mike McCormick

mike2A Son of the rock, he has lived in Stirling all his life. He has an HGV Class 1 licence and has driven all types of loads all over Scotland and beyond.

He has been Chairman since the club reformed in November 2013,   leading the club forward to what it has become today.

Has been a member of the Jaguar Drivers Club for over 12 years, The Jaguars he has had  include 3 XK8’s, XJ8, XK, and two  S type diesels, to name a few. He is now looking after a very special car,  an  X300 XJR6  manual gearbox car that was once a Jaguar press release car.

When he is not working on club business, he can be found working on furniture made from bits of car engines,  or at the scrap yard looking for the next project. His house would put many a Jaguar Museum to shame!

other interests include being a  member of The Carse of Stirling Rotary,  The Incorporation of Hammermen of Stirling.

Some say he should probably  be sponsored by Barrs Irn Bru.

Treasurer,  Hazel  Gilray.


Born and bred in Cumbernauld. Hazel has been in the JDC Scotland for just two years but her love of Jaguars is shown in her car and the miles she has clocked up covering shows from Shetland to Selkirk.  It’s the only S type diesel that has OYSTER coloured wheels.

A mother of one grown up son, she now enjoys her freedom and the fun of the club.

She is an enthusiastic member of the club and the club benefits greatly from her input. She manages to keep Mike on the straight and narrow.

Other hobbies include ice skating and kids youth club, as well as frequent visits to the scrapyard in Bonnybridge where her personality can often result in favourable discounts.

Hazel likes the odd night out with friends and can give you excellent reviews of Cairnomore Wines.

robinSecretary,  Robin Mair.

He has lived in Stirling for the last 30 years, having been born in Edinburgh. Married to Kay with three children.

He is a Senior Agricultural Consultant with SAC Consulting in Stirling, advising farmers and Rural Businesses throughout Central Scotland.

His first car was a MK2 Cortina and he has had Renaults, Land Rovers, Vauxhalls and Fords and is currently driving a hybrid Kia Niro. Last year he bought an XJ8.  He  also has a 53 plate Red X Type which was bought for Kirsty to learn to drive in. It is the better car to drive although Kirsty complains when he gets it dirty! He also has a 1957 Goggomobil that Kirsty is restoring.

A member of the Insitute Advanced Motorists,   passing the test in 1993. He went on to hold various posts in the local club, the last being Chairman. He joined the Board of IAM as a Divisional Council Member for Scotland and Northern Ireland, representing these areas for six years.

Northern Representative, Bill Ross

A founder member of the reformed club and furthest traveled committee member!

Bill started his love affair with Jaguars as a boy in Aberdeenshire where living on a farm he would get lifts in the farmers Mark 1.  Little would happen in the intervening years as he built up a very successful business in St Cyrus  with his wife Ethel and family.  The business – Ross Agri Services Ltd, a multi faceted business selling Fendt tractors as well as agricultural contracting to name but two .

It wasn’t until he turned 60 that he bought his first Jaguar, an XKR 4.2 V8 Convertible, since then he has acquired an  XK150 in Old English White, with a 3:8 ltr engine with manual overdrive,   The car represented the Club at the Classic Car show at the NEC having been chosen at Scotland’s National day in September. Since then he has also acquired a 1968 S Type.

Bill rarely misses a meeting unless more important things get in the way like Turriff Show!

Youth Ambassador Kirsty


Born in Stirling and a former pupil of Bannockburn High School.

She developed an interest in vintage cars having attended a few events of the Jaguar Drivers Club with her dad.  She likes the style of the older cars and is keen to understand how they work.

She is learning to drive with a 53 plate X Type that her Dad prefers to steal. At the farm she has found a 1957 Goggomobil that she is currently restoring.

She is keen to bring younger members into the club as they are the future. She believes that  young women should not be put off vintage cars or indeed any car mechanics.   They can easily be mastered by watching, doing and asking questions. There is always someone willing to help and has that spare part hidden away.

She has done a lot of work on her X type, replacing the brakes, changing suspension parts, polishing the lights and lately replacing the EGR cooler and EGR valve!

The car is indeed a credit to her enthusiasm.

Technical Support Paul
(supported by Damien)

Paul and his wife Tracey are stalwarts of the club and  always there to give a helping hand at events.

Paul at a young age always loved helping his dad fixing their old Mk2 Escorts, Volvos and Cortinas of the day.

At 16 he went to night school for welding and mechanics and upon leaving school got a job as an HGV apprentice.  At 16 he also got his first car,  a Wolsley 1660 to restore.

In his time out of the 40ish cars he has had, six have been Jaguars.  Paul had always fancied a jag as he grew up and  his dad always talked about his Mk2 and Daimler V8.

At 20 something, he got his own 3.0
X type.  What a car!

Later Paul got a Mk2 restoration project.   Which he used  for shows and as a daily car. As he believes they should be used. “” If you love the car, why not use it?  We are Jaguar drivers after all.””  Then he got an XJR 100.  Less said the better on that one.

Then along came another MK2 project.  And with his son Damien and father Eric this car brought together three generations of the family to complete the car in time for Scotland’s first National Day at Bo’ness.  Most of the mechanics were down to Damien.      If truth be told he is more nuts about Jags than Paul.

To quote Paul “We truly have landed on our feet with this club   They are  very good people  who are  keeping the passion alive.”